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The tubs.

What could be more relaxing than a good bath salts decorated or foam ... We can offer a wide choice of baths: with good thinking you will use the space to choose the model that will be the asset of your bathroom.

How Choosing a Shower?

How do you imagine your shower? In Italian, with its recessed recipient. Or shower with its optimized space. Unless you prefer a tank with its decorated shower screen?
Here are some ideas that will help you project yourself into your new space wellbeing.

Adapt toilet to his universe.

Long neglected, the toilet is yet a center passage. Under stress, sanitary elements should not be chosen lightly.

 Each style her toilet.

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And for the kitchen ...

Like cooking, cook delicious meals for your family and friends? Whether for a renovation or creation, beautify your kitchen with a stainless steel sink, granite or resin.
In perfect harmony associate it with a beak sign mixer, thermostatic, foldable shower or doing your mixer a fresh sparkling water fountain.


Each Sanitary Fittings her.

We offer a wide range of mixers, mixer taps and thermostatic mixing valves to meet your request.
Whether for your bath, washbasin, bidet, sink, or your sink, we have the product that will guarantee your well-being.

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